Sustainability & Eco-Friendly

At, we place a high priority on the use of eco-friendly product materials. Our collection of products comprises items made of at least 70% organic or recycled materials or a combination of both. We utilize high-quality printers that generate minimal wastewaters and consume less energy than standard industry printers. Furthermore, the inks used for printing are certified by Oeko-Tex™, vegan, water-based, and free of harmful chemicals. We ensure that any remaining ink is correctly disposed of according to the ink supplier's guidelines to prevent environmental harm.

Sustainability is a core value at, and as such, we are committed to continuously improving our eco-friendliness while continuing to provide our customers with high-quality products. Our products are produced on-demand, meaning that they are produced specifically for each customer after they place an order. This approach eliminates overproduction and textile waste. We are dedicated to employing greener production methods and are always searching for innovative ways to improve our processes.

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